Online itrack

A comprehensive management tool that provides integrated tracking and in-vehicle diagnostic data in real time.

Our system enables you to identify the location and status of not only your vehicles or heavy equipment but also allows you to track containers, barges and/or similar pieces of equipment at any time, anywhere in the world. We use the latest technology and offer a range of options to suit a wide variety of applications utilizing GPRS, 3G, WiFi and Iridium Network.

The benefits of Vehicle Management and Tracking Systems are as follows:

  • Assists in the efficient utilization of assets.
  • Management of maintenance with detailed monitoring of Drive Train performance data.
  • Allows more accurate customer service updates with regard to estimated time of arrival.
  • Offers the provision to reduce fuel costs via better management.
  • Ensures accurate management of legal requirements with regard to drivers' hours on the road and statutory rest periods.

Online Security, in conjunction with its global partners, believes that these advances in the management of your fleet will only enhance your competitive edge.