Online Remote Management

Using our Remote Management Systems from a central or decentralized location, isolated sites can be monitored and controlled without the need for expensive on-site manpower.

This system encompasses remote access, alarm monitoring, video streaming and video on demand. The installation and service capabilities, coupled with the support of a Video Control Room, create a unique opportunity to provide a safe environment as well as allowing you to identify possible threatening and hazardous situations.

Our seamless solution meets the following criteria:

  • A portable operations system with the ability to create monitoring clusters.
  • Proven hardware systems with professional Life Cycle Management.
  • Managed connectivity with affordable fail over solutions.
  • Workstation and communications technical support.
  • Scheduled and/or fail over control room services by a Video Control Room.
  • Data Hosting.
  • Communications Links.
  • 24/7 Network and Equipment support.
  • Scheduled interactive video patrols using our Autoguard system.
  • Interactive services and hardware packages can be tailored to your unique requirements

Online Security provides unique, all-encompassing Remote Management Systems designed and installed by qualified personnel.