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    Does a home security system really reduce the likelihood of being burglarised?

    Yes. Studies reveal that homes with monitored home security systems were three times less likely to be burglarised. Another study placed the risk at 15 times less likely to be burglarised.

    Where are your monitoring stations located?

    It can be locatilized or have central control with mobile response units

    What happens if my alarm is activated?

    Control room will notify clients, and where necessary take appropriate action

    What if my phone line is cut?

    We have a option to use mobile sims card instead of traditional phone line

    How to choose a cctv camera lens?

    Depending on how big the area that will need camera coverage. In general, short focal length would give a wider angle of view which mean it would cover more on the viewing image but the object would look smaller. While longer focal lenght would provide narrow and zoomed in the field of view. That mean it would decrease the viewing angle, but the object would look bigger

    If the power goes off, will my alarm still work?

    Yes, all our system have a quality back up power source

    If my alarm is activated, how long will it take before the patrol guard gets here?

    Depending on your location and your level of the service requested units can respond with minutes

    Will I get a discount on my home or business insurance?

    Yes, most insurance companies offer significiant discount with monitor alarm system

    Are you licenced to sell security products?


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