Online Wholesale

From our inception some twenty-five years ago it was not deemed necessary to search the Worlds Markets for cutting edge products as security issues did not play as significant a role as they do today.

In today's international environment personal and corporate security is critical to our daily life-style. The advances that we see today, whilst mostly unintrusive, contribute to the safety of our families, friends and colleagues as well as to our many infrastructures eg: power, water, gas and hospitals.

To satisfy the ever increasing need for sophisticated technology we have looked to the world's marketplace searching for products that suit many diverse and specialized applications. This has put Online Wholesale Division in the unique position of being able to purchase from various manufacturers across the world, places such as the U.S., Israel, Korea and China, in order to secure the best products to suit specialist applications.

As our client base is well diversified with widely differing requirements we are well situated as a Solution Provider to assist you with your requirements.